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Fun, Personal and, Family Portrait Fitography

Photos are images captured in a glimpse of time that can be relived over and over.  They evoke emotions in that moment created in the stitches of time that are captured in light through the lens of the camera and the eye of the "fit"ographer. In varying styles of traditional portraits and photojournalist style of fitography, in not only capturing those photos that fit in to frames but also fit because of the moments  

Prices starting at $100 and up

Event Fitography

Event coverage from 4 to 40,000 people with the amount of moments in each event allow Sinsay Fitography capture those many moments that can remembered and cherished. Freezing moments into to time within multiple photographs to bring you back and see small details and the immense emotions that are brought back in life in your heart by a memory remembered

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Corporate Fitography

Sinsay Fitography can handle corporate needs including Advertising, Headshots, Product Fitography, Personnel Photos, Public Relations, Conference and Award Fitography, Photos of internal and external facilities, presentation photos, as well as Testimonial Video/stills

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